Food I normally miss

One of the exciting things about going back to the home country to visit is that we can eat all of the foods that are unavailable or hard to find here in the US. Here’s a list of things we ate in the past ten days (pictures are not my own because I was either too lazy to take a picture or too lazy to take them off the camera yet):


 Raw herring, eaten with raw onion.


Bitterballen and kroketten: they’re both ragout with a fried crust around them. Kroketten are best eaten with fries served with mayonaise.


Lots of awesome Indonesian food, all of it homemade by Dr. BrownEyes’ family.


And last but not least: bread with cheese. And with this I mean tasty wheat bread with good old cheese!

With our suitcases filled with cheese, stroopwafels and liquorice we came back home yesterday evening. I’ll write more later about the fruitful and less fruitful scientific meetings I had!



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4 responses to “Food I normally miss

  1. After looking at all that goodness, I am now both homesick and hungry. At least my local supermarket now stocks hagelslag, that should help 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your home country food food. I studied abroad in Leiden in 2004. What I miss most is pannekoeken. I even made it while there but have obviously been too lazy to make it since coming back.

    I came here via Nicole & Maggie, and I'm really enjoying your archives! We are expecting in late June. I really want to babywear but am so nervous about it. The only friends of mine who do it all just use a Moby, and I'm not sold. I'd love to hear more about your babywearing, especially for newborns.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and congrats on expecting a baby! Babywearing can be challenging at first, but you get the hang of it quite quickly IMO and then it's just like tying your shoe laces 😉 Will do a post on wearing newborns soon, since that is what I'm doing all day currently!

  4. Awesome! Newborn is when I'm most nervous, because that's also a time when it's harder to use a stroller unless you want your kid in a carseat all the time (which I don't). I'm pretty sure I can figure out wrapping a baby that has more muscle tone and can help out a bit. It's the newborns that make me anxious all around.

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