On babywearing

When I started my blog I was planning to write way more about babywearing. It’s even what the header of my blog says this blog is about. Because I’m enthusiastic about babywearing to the point that I don’t understand how people get things done (or even eat food) with a baby when they never put them in a carrier or a wrap. Or how you get a fussy baby to sleep when you don’t put him in a sling. But even though I still put BlueEyes in a woven wrap almost every day for a little walk around the neighborhood or to get him to go to sleep when that is really problematic, I rarely ever write about it. So here’s a recent picture of BlueEyes in our Didymos Indio Silbergrautied in a double hammock. I sometimes wish there were babywearing labcoats so that I could even go to the lab like this!


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7 responses to “On babywearing

  1. From observing my aunts and uncles, tag-teaming seems to be a key component of doing anything without wraps. Unless you are my mom or grandma, who both have mastered the art of doing everything one-handed with a baby on their hip. But they both started training in one-handed baby wrangling at fairly young ages, thanks to large farm families.

  2. Yeah I never got that training and seem to have a baby that's too squirmy to hold on my hip for a long time. Also my arms are too weak (or baby's too big).

  3. braziliancakes

    When can I actually start putting the baby on my back? I never mastered the wrap, instead I have a gemini carrier and a baby hawk. My daughter is almost 8 months and about 16 lbs. I would love to wear her on my back but I'm not sure I would be able to put her high up enough, as you have in the picture. Any suggestions?

  4. I started carrying BlueEyes on my back when he was 10 weeks old, but I used a wrap so that I could position him where I wanted better. (By the way, don't use a stretchy wrap like the Moby for back carries because that is unsafe!). But we also have a Manduca (which is similar to your Beco Gemini), and I still have problems using that with BlueEyes on my back because I can never get him high enough so he can look over my shoulder or put his head on my shoulder/neck if he wants to sleep. It really depends on how high you can get your carrier and have it still be comfortable for you and baby. You don't need to get your baby as high as BlueEyes is on that picture though; as long as she can see over your shoulder it's fine. There are tons of YouTube videos of babywearing people out there to see what it should look like with your particular carrier.

  5. braziliancakes

    Thank you! I will go search for videos… I'll let you know when I try her on my back again… It would be a lot easier to prepare dinner and do laundry. 🙂

  6. When Mini-G was little I used to carry her into lab in the ergo, then open a new pack of 50 mL conical tubes for her to play with while I worked. I would hand one back, she would play with it until it fell and then I would give her another. Hours of fun 🙂

  7. loving the wrap! i still carry my 2 year old in a soft structured carrier but will use wraps soon as she is almost too big for the carrier.

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